Medium to large overall meander is 1.50 cents per sq. in.

Edge to Edge design is 2 cents per sq. in.

Semi-Custom is  2.50 cents per sq. in. (this would include a separate border design with an edge to edge inside the borders

Custom quilting begins at 2.75 cents per sq. in. for light custom and 4 cents for heirloom or heavy custom.

Note: Minimum charge of $35 for meander and edge to edge, $50 for semi custom and $75 for custom work. 

Basting in a 4 inch grid for hand quilting is .75 cents per sq. in. This is handy for those who hand quilt in a lap frame rather than loaded onto a wooden frame with poles as it will prevent your quilt sandwich from shifting.

  • To calculate the approximate cost of the quilting, multiply the width X  length of quilt top = square inches.  Multiply square inches X quilting price.  This will give you a good idea of the cost.  Example: 50" wide x 70" long = 3,500 square inches x .0175 for edge to edge design =  $61.25 for the quilting service.  Purchased materials such as thread, batting or backing or binding are an additional cost.

Batting in stock is Legacy 80/20 cotton-poly blend in 96 and 120 inch width in white and 96 inch in black, and  Legacy 100% polyester in 96 inch width. Customer is welcome to provide batting as long as it is a good quality quilt shop brand.

Turning or Remount is a special additional charge of $10

Thread - Cost of thread is $5 for wall size quilt, $7 for twin or double size quilt and $10 for a king size quilt.

Binding - French binding, sewn by machine to front and blind stitched by hand to back is 20 cents per linear inch.  Binding machine stitched to front of quilt while on frame is $10 for wall size quilt and $12 for bed size quilt.  You would then complete hand stitching to the back.

Hanging Sleeve made with customer's fabric is $15.00.  I will make sleeve and sew on by machine and then by hand to finish it.  If customer provides sleeve already constructed, the cost to attach by machine & by hand is $10.00.

Note:  I am happy to trim your quilt to the edge of the borders at no charge.  Just let me know when you drop quilt off.

Consultation by phone or in person is no charge.  If quilt needs to be shipped to you, postage charges are actual and must include adequate insurance.

Preparing Your Top For Quilting

In order to guarantee the highest quality and satisfaction in the finished product, please consider the following as you prepare your quilt:

1.   Quilt batting and backing should both be at least 8" longer & wider than top. Example:  if top is 50 x 70, backing should be 58 x 78.

2.   Check for any seams not properly caught in 1/4 inch seam allowance.  These could come apart when the top is being loaded onto frame.  Be sure that all the seams that come to the edge are back stitched.  If you have a piano key border, it is best to run a line of stay stitching close to the edge all around quilt top so seams do not pull apart.

3.   Mark the top and bottom of the quilt clearly if there is a difference.

Very important if the quilting is going to be directional such as Baptist Fan or Clam shell designs.

Services & Prices

Custom Long Arm Quilting Service